Bells of River City, Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)

Year founded: 2006
Gender: mixed, including children
Organization(s): Midwest Morris Ale
Dance type(s): mixed Cotswold, border, longsword, etc.
Tradition(s) / style(s): Grand Rapids, based loosely on: Adderbury, Boggart's Breakfast, Bucknell, Litchfield, Okehampton, &c
Kit/Livery: black below waist, white above, with a single patchwork baldrick and a black Derby / bowler hat
. . . ruggles are (usually) four columns of five bells on a plain black leather pad
Primary contact: Donna, Roy, Sarah, or Thomas Hinman
. . . (Tel.: +1 616 949 8374; Email:
Practice Day, Time, & Location: St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Sundays: 7:30PM to 9:00PM
. . . Summer practice irregular
Web site:
Web site maintainer: Pat Baxter (
Facebook Group:

History/Miscellany: Bells of River City is one of two sides which resulted when “Grand Rapids Morris and Sword dancers” split up. The other one is “Chicks With Sticks.”

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