FFL Morris, Palo Alto, California (USA)

Year founded: 1998
Gender: mixed
Organization(s): CDSS, Bay Area Country Dance Society (BACDS)
Dance type(s): Cotswold morris, border morris, longsword, mumming, Celtic, French, Basque, Breton
Tradition(s) / style(s): Hedfordshire, Worchester, Shropshire, Pershore, Boosbeck, Helmsley, Sleights
Kit/Livery: Dark hats with rainbow ribbons, white or dark shirts, rainbow bracers, dark trousers, brightly colored shoes, rubber chickens, tailcoats (sometimes).

Primary contact: Ric Goldman (Tel.: +1 650 326 3665; Email: timelord01@sprynet.com)
Secondary contact: Wendy Desmonde (Tel.: +1 650 321 6253; Email: desmonde@thegride.net)
Practice Day & time: Monday at 7p - 9:30p

Web site: http://timelord01.home.sprynet.com/ffl
Web site maintainer: Ric Goldman (timelord01@sprynet.com)

Miscellany: FFL Morris is normally referred as simply “fuffle”. What does FFL mean? You'll have to check the website (for this week's story).

The FFL website can also be reached as http://connect.to/ffl

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