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A. Seth Miller

Last modified: 2002/06/26 22:00

Preferred email

Other email


2779 West Canyon Avenue #236
San Diego, CA 92123


(858) 565-1365


Moreton Bay Fig Morris (San Diego, CA) (lead musician, former
Squire, former Scribe)
Bedlam Bells Morris and Sword (Phoenix, AZ) (occassional musician)

Web page URL


Dammit, Jim! I'm a musician, not a dancer.

Morris instruments

Melodeon (diatonic accordion)

Beasts and fools

Beasts: Bettycup
Fools: Squire of MBFM

Beer preference

Real beer (nothing with rice corn), preferably on tap, and usually
from a true microbrewery (NO! Sam Adams is NOT a microbrewery!)

Anything else that needs to be said

Marsha Nadler Miller and I are separated since January, 2002. Now
there is another woman in my life: Rita Rouleau, who was my high
school sweetheart 31 years ago.

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