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Alan McArdle

Last modified: 2000/05/15 22:00

Preferred email


Box 148 / 6 Conway Road
Whately MA 01093


413-545-5149 (h)
413-665-3206 (w)


Juggler Meadow Morris Men
sometime musician for Wake Robin Morris


Cotswold: Bucknell, Ducklington, Bampton, Longborough plus bits &
pieces of a half dozen others.
Border and Sword in the winter

Morris instruments

pipe and tabor

Beer preference

Varies from week to week depending on what turns up at the local
brew pubs and liquor stores.

Anything else that needs to be said

I'm currently Bagman for the team. I'm still a good contact point
for Juggler Meadow and I can pass on messages for Wake Robin because
their squire is my wife.

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