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Ally McGurk

Last modified: 2006/04/24 22:00

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Belfagan Women's Morris, Cockermouth

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As a musician I spent many years trying to avoid dancing, but I've
gradually been sucked in and can now perform, albeit badly, several
NW morris dances with the Belfagan girls. They find me quite useful
when they're short of numbers, but generally I only come out of the
closet on quiet nights with minimal audiences.

Morris instruments

C-melody sax; recorders.

Beer preference

I'd still choose Jennings Bitter but unfortunately am now no longer
allowed to drink the stuff as I've had to go gluten-free for the
sake of my health. And you can't get decent cider in Cumbria.

Anything else that needs to be said

Also check out my all-female recorder consort - Piping Hot - at .

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