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Clif Barfield

Last modified: 2011/11/17 04:21

Preferred email



70 Littlehaven Lane
West Sussex
MK16 8BP


07548-372798 (m)


Rampant Roosters
Owlswick Morris
Rose & Castle Morris
Bunnies From Hell

Not Current (left, lapsed or just not at the moment):

Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men (Horwich Lancs.) (NW)
Wrigley Head Morris Dancers (Failsworth Lancs.) (NW)
Clitheroe Morris (Lancs.) (NW)
Medlock Morris (Manchester) (Cotswold)
Earl of Stamford's Morris (Cheshire) (Cotswold)
Merridale Morris (Wolverhampton) (Cotswold) (fore)
Scragenz (no fixed abode) (Cotswold) (alas now departed)
Freaks in the Peaks (Peak district) (Border)
Madcap (Malvern Hill) (Border)
Middleton Pace Eggers (Middleton, Lancs.)
Lady Leofric's Cross (Wolverhampton) (cotswold, mainly jigs) (A Most Grievous Loss)
Bedcote Morris (Stourbridge) (cotswold)
Ryknild Rabble (Lichfield) (border)
The Molly Gang from Good Easter (Good Easter) (musician, one day only.)
Old Mother RedCaps (Manx/Garland) (musician)


North-West: Oldham-Failswort

          Horwich/east Lancs area.  
          Bit of North Lancs./Colne valley 
          as little Cheshire as I can manage 

Cotswold: Fieldtown, Juniper Hill, Adderbury, Bledington,

        Lower Swell, Stanton Harcourt, Illmington,  
        Oddington, (Bucknall), (Headington), (Bampton) 

Pace-Egg: The Middleton play, at Easter, in Middleton. Only.

Border: Upton, Chingford, Pershore, White Ladies Aston, Much Wenlock,

      Brimfield, Bromsberrow Heath, Dilwyn,  
      Worcester Hey, Ragged Crow, and too many recently made up. 

Morris instruments

Whistles, Diatonic G Clarinet, recorder, drums

Beer preference

Anything from the Beacon, Sedgley. Th
aites Mild, Oak Porter,
J.W.Lees Bitter, Joseph Holt's Mild & Bitter. Bateman's Mild.
Wye Valley Brewery (in both naming streams), Enville,

'Rejoice for the List goes on Forever.'

Anything else that needs to be said

Morris consists of your local dances, the rest is just fun

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