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Colleen McCarthy

Last modified: 2001/12/18 22:00

Preferred email


211 Lowe St.
Whitehorse, YT
Y1A 1W5


1-867-456-2792 (h)


Former co-squire of Winnipeg Mountain Morris;Winnipeg, Canada. Not
affiliated with any team ATM, thought that may change within the


Cotswold: Headington, Bledington, Adderbury, Stanton-Harcourt(also
have attempted Fieldtown, Lichfield, Bampton, Ducklington,
Amble-on-Down, and Minneapolis a la Belles of the North)
North-west:Whalley/Clayton-the-Moors, Fleetwood
[I do what my team does, so there!]

Beer preference

Fort Garry Dark Ale; Guinness Extra Stout; some wonderful anonymous
porter I had at the 2000 Midwest Morris Ale.

Anything else that needs to be said

Yes, Judy, Jeannie, et al, I'll start my own team up here someday. LOL

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