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David A. Warner

Last modified: 2001/04/02 22:00

Preferred email


813 S. Redwood St.
Visalia, CA 93277


559-741-0922 (h)
559-651-1000, ext 682 (w)


Berkshire Morris Men (Greenfield, MA)
Northampton Morris (Northampton, MA)


Various Cotswold, Longborough, Bampton, Headington, Bucknell, Upton
on Severn, Sherbourne

Morris instruments

I can dance & I can sing but I can't play a damned thing!

Beer preference

Narragansett Porter (RIP)
Dewey's Hard Cider (RIP)

Anything else that needs to be said

I've been looking for 20 years and still haven't found a team in the
San Joaquin Valley! If you call I will come!

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