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Don Church

Last modified: 2001/09/19 22:00

Preferred email


27, Salisbury Street,
Somerset, TA2 6NA
United Kingdom


Taunton Deane Morris Men
North Curry Mummers


Cotswold: currently Adderbury and Fieldtown. Have danced Badby,
Bledington, Bucknell, and Headington in the past. (TDMM stick to two
traditions, dance them intensively for a few years, then learn
something new).
Border: usual suspects, Upton-on-Severn, etc, plus some we made up
ourselves: Square and Compass, Bradford on Tone.

Morris instruments

Anything percussive - possess dumbek (drum) and spoons, but can also
play tables, beer crates etc. Circular tables give best bass notes (!).

Beer preference

Much prefer cider; more commercial producers are Hecks in Street
(near Glastonbury), who do a good selection, as do Sheppys just up
the road in Bradford on Tone. Plus you can get home made stuff from
some of the farms (Black Toad is the current favourite).

Anything else that needs to be said

I sing as well. Within TDMM I seem to specialise in the ruder stuff
(Cuckoo's Nest etc), but I have been known to sing the odd ballad or
shanty. Have been locked in a pub and promised free beer and a lift
home provided myself and Mike Highfield (also TDMM), a superb
whistle/flute player, stayed and played/sang on. (Went home very
late and slightly wobbly).

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