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Elaine Bradtke

Last modified: 1997/12/30 22:00

Preferred email


Ring O Bells (NYC)
Greenwich Morris Men (musician, NYC)
New Esperance - in exile (London)
Former Bluemont Morris
BaltiMorris (R.I.P.)
and at least three rapper teams that never held together.


Cotswold:Ascott Under Wychwood (Asphalt Under WHich FOot),
Ilmington, Bucknell, , New Esperance dances, Oddington, Adderbury,
and a very perverse version of Fieldtown
Rapper: Miscellaneous figures, learned at workshops, Amble and the
High Spen dance

Morris instruments


Beer preference

Don't care much for the stuff. Prefer a dry, unfizzy cider

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