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Elliott James

Last modified: 1997/12/30 22:00

Preferred email

Other email


Elliott James
1414 Laurel Avenue #L318
Minneapolis, MN 55403


612-371-0823 (h)


I'm trying to avoid teams at present!

Beer preference

Summit's Great Northern Porter, Minneapolis, MN
Fullers ESB (Chiswick, UK), Wadworths 6X (Devizes, UK),
Eldreige Pope “Royal Oak” (Dorcester, UK)
I'm really fond of the English real ales - or US microbrews
that serve beer at 52 degrees. I hate the tendancy to
serve imported English real ales at 38 degrees (Brits Pub
Minneapolis, please note).

Anything else that needs to be said

My parents were folk dancers and involved in the revival,
as a result I've tried to avoid any form of dancing! I do,
however, enjoy the music.

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