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Heather Holmes

Last modified: 2003/12/07 22:00

Preferred email


1413 State Route 104
Parish, NY 13131


315-298-5206 (h)


Thornden Morris (Syracuse, NY) dancer, general pain
Salt Springs Morris (see above) fore
Flying Bark Morris (Newport News, VA) fore in exile


Cotswold: Fieldtown, Bledington, Bampton, Wheatley, Saltington,
various other single dances.
Border: various.

Morris instruments

late night campfire singing, humming in absence of musos at
practice, banging out tempo as above

Beasts and fools

He may be a beast, but he's no fool…

Beer preference

Homebrew, Guinness, etc.
a.n. onymous' distillerieds

Anything else that needs to be said

Attempting to gain control of Morris in this country by breeding
next generation of dancers.

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