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James Thayer

Last modified: 1997/12/30 22:00

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9556 Babauta
San Diego, CA 92129


619-658-4484 (w)


Moreton Bay Fig Morris (San Diego, USA)

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Cotswold: Fieldtown, Bampton, Ducklington, Brackley
Border: Much Wenlock, Upton on Severn, Others
Longsword: A buncha' figures that kind look like a dance

Morris instruments

7-row Trombonium

Beasts and fools

John Barleycorn, Moreton Bay's Unicorn, lives in the spare bed
room (along with the spare beds).

Beer preference

English Cider
Fat Tire Ale

Anything else that needs to be said

Moreton Bay Fig Morris is not related in any way to that other
Moreton Bay side down under in Oz.

Trunkles Ho! (Ancient Trunkle Hunting Call)

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