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Jocelyn Reynolds

Last modified: 1998/02/07 22:00

Preferred email

Other email


1399 30th Avenue, #205
San Francisco, CA 94122


415-731-7104 (home)
415-954-6869 (work)


Ring of Cold Steel (fore)
as yet unnamed morris team (fore)

Occasional teams:
The Dead Ringers (fore) - dance out the Saturday before Halloween
every year
Hankies Gone Awry - VERY occasional


Cotswold: Duns Tew, Fieldtown, Bampton, Ducklington. I can get along
in a number of other traditions, but haven't done them on an
on-going basis.
Sword: Ampleforth, rapper

Beer preference

Red Hook ESB, other ESBs, other Red Hooks. Also the occasional porter.

Anything else that needs to be said

American Morris Newsletter editor.
Master of the Arts in Morris (diploma says: Anglo-American Dance
History, but that was just so it would sound SLIGHTLY less specific
than “Morris”)
Always happy to be hired to teach.

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