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Keith Leech

Last modified: 2000/05/14 22:00

Preferred email


205 Priory Road
East Sussex


44 424 716576 (h)
44 424 442222 (w)


Mad Jack's Morris, Hastings, Dancer, Musician, sometimes squire,
sometimes foreman, sometimes absolutely nobody.
Daisy Roots Morris, Hastings. Occasional Musician.
Winter Warmers Border, Musician.
Earls of Essex.
Previously Men of Sweyns Ey and East Saxon Sword.
General Morris tart.


Cotswold: Fieldtown, Sherborne, Bampton, Adderbury, Bledington,
Lichfield, (You name it I'll try it)
Border: Sometimes
Rapper: Miscellaneous figures, our own dance
I'll also have a go at Longsword and North West but haven't done
them for years!

Morris instruments

Two Row Saltarelle Melodeon.
Bass Trombone

Beasts and fools

Sometimes if the team will let me!

Beer preference

Harveys Sussex Best Bitter, otherwise any good and hoppy real ale.

Anything else that needs to be said

Ceilidh Musician with Banjax. Ceilidh caller with whoever will have me.
Chairman of Hastings Borough Bonfire Society.
Chairman of the Hastings Jack in the Green.

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