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Kim Brown

Last modified: 2000/05/28 22:00

Preferred email


23 Denman Street
South Australia 5019


08-8242-2634 (h)


Adelaide Morris Men - Adelaide, South Australia
Ex-Moreton Bay Morris - Brisbane, Aust
Ex-Belswagger Morris - Toowoomba, Aust. (Foreman)
Ex-Morrice Rampant - S.E.Queensland, Aust. (Squire)


Bucknall, Bampton, Bleddington, Fieldtown, Oddington,
Adderbury, Brackley, Lichfield, Upton-Upon-Severn, Badby,
Hinton-in-the-Hedges, Kirtlington, Ascot-Under-Wytchwood.
Several from Moreton Bay and a few from the Adelaide Men but the
memory is fading…

Morris instruments

Only in utter utter desperation! Small but tasteful piano box played
like a real one! …as best I can, anyway.

Beasts and fools

Fool: Not at present but that could change at any minute, probably
without me even realising. I said what?
Twice Fool for Moreton Bay and twice for Belswagger. A pattern was
emerging so I had to move interstate …so far so good.
Beast: Only on a really good night!

Beer preference

Dry Cider, sometimes draught but only sweet when too pissed to
notice… but not Cobbley's scrumpy …scrumpy? scrumpy!! (passes
out stark naked on the immediate floor}
Most Ales preferably dark ones. (Toohey's Old, Coopers dark, Old
Cheap Spanish plonk.

Anything else that needs to be said

Australian Morris Ring's webmaster, newsletter editor and general
dogsbody. …anyone want a job?
One day a really really good team will appear and I want to be in it!
…if I can still see to dance.

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