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Mary Eckhardt

Last modified: 2001/04/28 22:00

Preferred email


58 George St
North Hobart, Tasmania
Aust 7250


03 62 33 2790 (H and w)


Jolley Hatters Morris (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)


Cotswold: fieldtown, bleddington aderbury,hinton, trying to learn
some jigs
Border: 3-4 dances

Beer preference

Have not drunk beer since I was 18 when I had to scull againt the
uni men's rowing side in 1973. We women won but at the cost of never
touching the stuff since.

Anything else that needs to be said

Have a fettish for Morris hats, have 6 going at present not reached
my fully enlightened morris image yet.

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