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Pauline Woods-Wilson

Last modified: 2005/06/07 22:00

Preferred email


Queens Cottage, Queens Square, Dent, Nr Sedbergh, Cumbria LA10 5QW


015396 25502


Current teams:-
Rivington Morris (Bolton, Lancashire)
Windsor Morris (Windsor, Berkshire) (ex-fore)
Chiltern Hundreds Morris (Watford)

Web page URL


Cotswold: Brackley and Badby (Windsor), Fieldtown (Downes,
Jackstraws, Medlock), Bampton (Jackstraws), and Adderbury (Medlock)
North West: various dances with Wakefield and Chiltern Hundreds

Beer preference

Anything dark - Porter, Stout or anything from Dent Brewery,
Yorkshire Dales. Favourite is T'Owd Tup from Dent Brewery.

Anything else that needs to be said

Along with Tessa Goldsmith (Fountains Abbey), looking to start a
mixed North West team in North Yorkshire, probably meeting at
weekends. Please contact me if interested.

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