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Peter ffoulkes

Last modified: 1999/02/20 22:00

Preferred email

Other email


1399 30th Avenue, #205
San Francisco
CA 94122


415-731-7104 (h)
408-468-8489 (w)


Teams: Active:

Bufflehead (Northwest Morris, Bay Area, CA: Fore)
Goat Hill Morris (Cotswold, San Francisco, CA)
Ring of Cold Steel (Longsword, San Francisco, CA: Musician)
The Dead Ringers (Cotswold, San Francisco, CA)

(Still twitching occasionally)
Commonwealth Morris Men (Cotswold, Boston, MA:
West Coast Contingent)
Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men (Northwest, Horwich, Lancs:
Another Country Member)


Traditions: Cotswold: Duns Tew.1, Minneapolis-on-the-Mississippi,
and the usual half remembered melange of other stuff.

Northwest: Horwich, slowly evolving.

Morris instruments

Whistle and Piccolo

Beasts and fools

Only for breakfast

Beer preference

Jennings, Timothy Taylor's, Eye of the Hawk, Old Thunderpussy,
Cap'n Mike's, Redtail,…..

Anything else that needs to be said

No. It wasn't me, and if it was you were drunk at the time
and have got it all wrong!

And anyway, she wasn't wearing a blue dress.

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