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Ranko Vrcelj

Last modified: 1997/12/30 22:00

Preferred email

Other email


Flat 20
Albion Buildings
60 Ingram Street
G1 1EX
(The one exposed recently in a Scottish
newspaper as part of a brothel)


0141 552 8407 (h)
0141 552 4400 x 2261 (w)


Clydeside Sword & Step (n.b. just the sword bit)
Sallyport Sword if I can ever make a practice
Hammersmith (long distance) have I paid my subs?
Tylers Men (country member)


Some rapper & longsword (obviously)
Hammersmith Cotswold
Tylers Border

Morris instruments

None thank god

Beasts and fools

You compliment me!

Beer preference

Youngs Ord & London Pride - difficult to get in Scotland, so
anything really.

Anything else that needs to be said

Any good permanent jobs out there?

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