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Rebecca Jordan

Last modified: 2007/02/11 22:00

Preferred email


24401 Cheever Road
Watertown, NY 13601


315-788-0435 (h)


Red Herring
MOTley Morris (sometimes)
Dead Ringers
Lemon & Capers alumna
Twilight Bells alumna

Web page URL


Lemon & Capers Bampton, Bledington, Adderbury, some Fieldtown,
Litchfield, Duns Tew, Bucknell, Headington, Brackley, assorted other
individual cotswold dances; Papa Stour and Kirkby Malzeard longsword;
Some Red Stag and Shropshire Bedlams border dances. No rapper,thanks.

Morris instruments

Penny whistle, but only under duress

Beasts and fools

Only before coffee.

Beer preference

I'll have what the gentleman on the floor is having.

Anything else that needs to be said

One of the few people you're likely to meet who has actually broken a
leg during a danceout.

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