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Rich Holmes

Last modified: 2007/04/10 22:00

Preferred email


3949 Griffin Road
Syracuse, NY 13215


315-214-3840 (h)


American Travelling Morrice
<> (2003-)
Binghamton Morris Men, Binghamton, NY (2002-)
Grindstone Creek Morris <>
(formerly Griffin's Corners), Parish, NY (2001-; Squire, Fore, and
one-third of the membership)
Thornden Morris <>, Syracuse, NY
(1989-; Bag)

Flying Bark Morris, Newport News, VA (1997-1999; former Squire,
former Assistant Fore)
Salt Springs Morris <>,
Syracuse, NY (1996-2001; former Bag, former Squire)
Ribbonsteel Rapper, Syracuse, NY (1987-ca. 1991)
Bassett Street Hounds <>, Syracuse,
NY (1986-1996; former Squire, former Adderbury Fore)

Web page URL


Cotswold: Bampton, Adderbury, Oddington, Wheatley, Saltington,
Griffin's Corners, Chipping Campden, Ducklington; bits of Fieldtown,
Bledington; nearly forgotten Headington.
Border: Some Red Stags dances; Hounds' variants of Shropshire
Bedlams' “Morning Star”; Flying Bark's versions of Dilwyn, Upton
Snodsbury, and Brimfield; Flying Bark's “Requiem for Mister Ed”;
Upton Hankie and “Upton” (Chingford) Stick.
Rapper: In my troubled youth.

Morris instruments

2-row melodeon
1-row pennywhistle

Beasts and fools

Homeless goat

Beer preference

Griffin Road Homebrew

Anything else that needs to be said

Collector of orphaned squeezeboxes, good morris books, and bad
pub/campfire songs.

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