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Simon Pipe

Last modified: 1998/05/06 22:00

Preferred email


Horn Hill Cottage
Horn Hill road
West Adderbury
Near Banbury
OX17 3EU


The Outside Capering Crew (Midlands area, UK)
Adderbury Morris Men (UK)
….. and previously:
Frome Valley (Dorset, UK)
Great Western (Exeter, UK)
Trigg (Bodmin, Cornwall, UK)
Downes-on-Tour (touring, UK)
Gloucestershire Old Spot (Cheltenham, UK)
Stony Stratford (Bucks, UK)


Ascott-under-Wychwood (derived)
Bampton (derived)
bacca pipes (non-traditional)
broom dance (non-traditional)
pint pot dance (non-traditional)
hat dance (non-traditional)
…. and

Morris instruments

pipe and tabor

Beasts and fools

fooling is integral to the dancing of The Outside Capering Crew. I
can juggle and stuff like that, and it all comes into the dancing.

Anything else that needs to be said

The Outside Capering Crew was founded with - and still has - only
two dancers. Our small repertoire is designed to be complex,
spectacular (fake athleticism) or entertaining (cheap gags). We were
formed specifically to perform a single dance on the main arena
stage at Sidmouth Festival in 1996, as part of Frost and Fire, a
show celebrating the British ritual year. We returned to Sidmouth as
a booked side in 1997. We do not expect to continue performing as a
team beyond 2000. We're available for bookings.
Gosh, that was uncharacteristically formal.
….. Adderbury? I live here - is there a choice about it? And no, I
did NOT move to Adderbury just so I could dance with the team. I
don't even LIKE stick dances.

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