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Steve Cunio

Last modified: 2001/05/04 22:00

Preferred email


Babylon (Dorset) Foreman
Treacle Eater Clog (Yeovil, Somerset) Secretary
Abram Morris Dancers (Lancashire)

Web page URL


Border - 'based on trad' and Babylon's own
Abram (own dance)
Used to do Cotswold, North West, Border…

Morris instruments

Melodeon, Trombone

Beasts and fools

Announcer for Treacle Eater Clog.

Beer preference

Real Ale, with other 'craft brewery' beers a second preference

Anything else that needs to be said

Used to be in Red Stags, King John's MM, Jackstraws (as drummer),
Hampshire Triumph (decd.), Pilgrim MM, Hart and Sole (as drummer),
Duns Tew and Horwich Prize Medal MM.

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