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Tim Radford

Last modified: 1999/06/09 22:00

Preferred email


PO Box 598,
Woods Hole Ma 02543


(508) 540-0865


Woods Hole Village Morris
Pinewoods Morris Men
Thames Valley International (New learning Member)
The Adderbury Morris Men
Kirtlington Morris


Cotswold: Adderbury, Kirtlington, Duns Tew, Woods Hole Wychwood,
Oddington, Lichfield, Ilmington, Sherborne, plus all the others that I
can either teach or have danced in the past 30 years.

Beer preference

Hook Norton Bitter

Anything else that needs to be said

I am available to teach anything to any one at anytime - if it can
be arranged. My wife is Jan Elliott - the best morris musician I
know, and I know plenty! She is also a great teach or Morris, Music
& Sword.

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