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Cambridge Morris Men, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (UK)

Year founded: 1924
Gender: men
Organization(s): Morris Ring
Dance type(s): Cotswold morris, molly
Tradition(s) / style(s): Adderbury, Badby, Bampton, Bledington, Brackley, Bucknell, Field Town, Headington, Lichfield, Longborough, Sherbourne, Wheatley and occasional dances from other Cotswold traditions. Also Cambridgeshire Molly dances from Barton and Comberton on Plough Monday only.
Kit/Livery: White shirt and trousers. Green crossed baldrics with red and yellow sun totem at front, red, yellow, green and blue braids at back, hips and on armbands. Red belt, black shoes. Straw hat with ribbons and/or flowers.

Primary contact: John Jenner (Tel.: +44 (0)1763 242 127; Email:
Secondary contact: squire (Email:
Practice Day & time: Tuesday at 20.15

Web site:
Web site maintainer: Graham Cox (

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