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 +**[[https://​​cononleymorris/​|Cononley Morris]]**, Cononley, nr Skipton, North Yorkshire, (UK)  ​
 +//Year founded:// 2015
 +//Gender:// Mixed
 +//​Organization(s):// ​ Morris Federation
 +//Dance type(s):// Cotswold, Border
 +//​Kit/​Livery://​ White shirt, black trousers and shoes, khaki waistcoat and cap, white / black / yellow / green ribbons. ​  ​Tatters
 +//Primary contact:// Helen or Richard (//Tel.//: 01535 635046; ) 
 +//Practice Day, Time, & Location:// Usually 1st 3 Fridays of month but can vary, upstairs at New Inn, Main St Cononley BD20 8NR.    Practice dates usually on the facebook page - if you're thinking of coming for the first time it might be useful to ring Helen or Richard first just to avoid a wasted trip.   
 +//Web site:// [[https://​​cononleymorris/​]] ​
 +//​History/​Miscellany://​ Formed in 2015 to perform in the Village Gala, the dancers enjoyed it so much that they decided to keep the side going! ​    We are a small side who are always seeking new members and musicians - all welcome ​   ​
 +Last modified: 14 Jan 2018
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