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Hart and Sole Clog Morris, Crowthorne, Berkshire (UK)

Gender: mixed
Dance type(s): Northwest morris, Northwest clog morris
Kit/Livery: Men: pale blue shirts, black knee breeches, claret socks and sash Women: pink blouses, black skirts, blue socks and sash.

Primary contact: Lynne Marshalsay (Tel.: +44 118 978 3436; Email:
Secondary contact: jim Middlebrook (Tel.: +44 7798 867 345; Email:
Practice Day & time: Sunday at 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Web site:
Web site maintainer: Jim Middlebrook (

Miscellany: We meet at The New Owlsmoor Centre, Yeovil Road, Sandhurst on Sunday evenings. From 15 Oct 2000 to end November we will be having workshop evenings to give people a taster of North West Clog Morris. Come along and join in.

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