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North British, various, (UK)

Year founded: 1992
Gender: men
Dance type(s): longsword, rapper sword
Tradition(s) / style(s): Rapper - own dances; Longsword - own reconstructions of Elgin and Perth dances, plus a version of Papa Stour
Kit/Livery: Black shoes, dark socks and trousers, white shirts, interesting waistcoats, disgusting ties

Primary contact: Andrew Kennedy (Email:
Practice Day & time: varies

Web site:
Web site maintainer: Martin Hanley (

Miscellany: A shadowy organisation of no fixed abode, North British have only one officer, the Editor. This says it all. Despite (or perhaps because of) the presence of a bank manager in the side, North British have rejected formal savings and accounting measures in favour of a carrier bag in the Editor's sock drawer.

The team's existence is intimately tied up with the Saddleworth Rushcart, although the Saddleworth men would (rightly) deny all responsibility. Nevertheless, the primary purpose of North British is to perform the sword dances of northern Britain (Yorkshire being rejected as too far south), preferably to new audiences, and if possible in the presence of cask-conditioned beer.

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