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One Day Wonders Travelling Morris, No fixed abode, (UK)

Year founded: 1988
Gender: men
Organization(s): Morris Ring (associate member)
Dance type(s): Cotswold morris
Tradition(s) / style(s): One tradition each year. So far: Oddington; Fieldtown; Longborough; Stanton Harcourt; Adderbury; Wheatley; Ilmington; Withington; Sherborne; Bucknell; Bledington; Bessels Leigh; Fieldtown again; Brackley; Bidford.
Kit/Livery: White shirt with collar, white trousers, white socks, black shoes. Red braces with a single red/white rosette on the left breast. Red upper arm ribbons, red ribbons on bell pads. Red and white striped jackets and/or red sweat shirts worn when merely posing rather than dancing.

Primary contact: Joe Oldaker (Tel.: +44 (0)24 7637 2276)
Secondary contact: Tony Ashley (Tel.: +44 (0)14 5523 9690)

Miscellany: We have no home base. We meet on the second weekend of May each year in a location chosen by the Squire. The tradition to be danced is chosen by the Foreman and is (theoretically) a secret until the Friday evening. Practice night is the Friday of that weekend, dancing on the Saturday, AGM, including election of officers for the next year, on the Sunday. Membership is by invitation and limited to eight (two carloads).

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