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Paragon Pit Morris, Newbold on avon, Near Rugby, Warwickshire (UK)

Year founded: 1992
Gender: mixed
Dance type(s): Cotswold morris
Tradition(s) / style(s): Dances we are known to perform:
Jigs: Ladies Pleasure, John Archers Lament
Hankie Dances: Valentine, Banbury Bill/Rose Tree, Bledington Side Step, Cuckoos Nest, Glorishers, Trunkles, William & Nancy, Jodie to the fair, Maid of the mill
Short Stick Dances: Bromsberrow Heath, Constant Billy
Long Stick Dances: Bluebells of Scotland, Constant Billy, Lads of Bundrum, Beaux of London City, Black Joker, Skirmish, Young Collins, Room of the Cuckolds, Balance the Straw, Ring o bells, Vandals, Penny Hassett, Repeal
Kit/Livery: Bowler hat, waist coat (with patterned back and plain black front), White shirt with sleeves, Black full length trousers, Black shoes, Black socks, Shin bell pads, neckerchief - any design, 2 short sticks, 1 long stick and 2 handkerchiefs -any design.

Primary contact: Eddie the Fixtures Man (Tel.: +44 1858 880540; Email:
Secondary contact: Catherine (webmaster) (Tel.: +44 7970 664187; Email:
Practice Day & time: Wednesday at 8pm

Web site:
Web site maintainer: Catherine (

Miscellany: We meet at: Newbold Rugby club, Parkfield Road, Newbold on Avon, Nr Rugby, Warwickshire

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