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Rapa Bora, Berea, Kentucky (USA)

Year founded: 2010
Gender: mixed
Organization(s): Folk Circle Aasociation
Dance type(s): rapper sword, border morris, English Country
Tradition(s) / style(s):
Kit/Livery: black knickers and shirt, blue suspenders, sash and striped socks

Primary contact: Howard Carlberg (Tel.: (859) 985-5501 ; Email:
Practice Day, Time, & Location: Sunday 6:00 pm, 128 N. Broadway, Berea KY

Web site: website
Web site maintainer: Name (<email address>)

History/Miscellany: Rapa Bora means “best sword” in Swahili. The side started with alumni of other dance groups. We have attended several sword ales and tournaments, but struggle to maintain membership.

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