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Shepherdstown Northwest Morris & Hicks with Sticks Border, Shepherdstown, West Virginia (USA)

Year founded: 1990
Gender: Northwest: women; Border: mixed
Organization(s): CDSS
Dance type(s): border morris, Northwest clog morris, step clog
Kit/Livery: Northwest: purple harlequin skirts (8 points), with
teal vests, black shirts, stockings and clogs.
Border: Rag shirts (in colors above, mostly), Black boots, bell pads, multi-colored facepaint.

Primary contact: Joanie Blanton (Tel.: +1 304 263 2531; Email:
Secondary contact: Becky Lidgerding (Tel.: +1 304 876 2169; Email:
Practice Day & time: Tuesday at 6:30 border, 7:30 northwest

Web site:
Web site maintainer: Phillip Zimmerman (

Miscellany: We hold a fabulous Mayday celebration…see our web page. We are planning a trip to the UK in 2001 and would love to hear from teams that might be interested in a visit to share repertoire and dance together.

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