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Starlites Morris Dancers, Newton le Willows, Earlestown (UK)

Year founded: 1997
Gender: mixed
Organization(s): North West Dance Assosiation N.W.D.A, MEBA
Dance type(s): Fluffy Morris
Kit/Livery: We all wear identical sparkely dresses with really puffy arms. We wear sequin head dresses, pumps with ribbons and bells and long socks. We also hold bright fluffy shakers in our hands to add to the effect.

Primary contact: Lisa Walkden (Tel.: +44 (0)1744 677793; Email:
Practice Day & time: Monday at 7 - 9

Web site:;

Miscellany: Our morris dancing is a energetic formation type dance. We form shapes and do arm works. It is a very entertaining form of morris dancing that we refer to as fluffy morris.

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