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The Folk Companions, Thornbury, S Glos (UK)

Year founded: 1972
Gender: mixed
Organization(s): (associate member) CDSS
Dance type(s): Cotswold morris, border morris, Northwest morris, Northwest clog morris, garland, longsword, rapper sword, mumming
Tradition(s) / style(s): Also dance Playford, and Country Dance from England; as well as German Folk Dances.
Kit/Livery: Uniform style - men in black knee-breeches with blue tabards, women in red skirts and white blouses. Hats & Bells are worn for Cotswold Morris, Clogs for NW etc

Primary contact: Peter Sumner (Tel.: +44 (0)1454 414365)
Secondary contact: Derek Andow (Email:
Practice Day & time: Friday at 19:00 or 19:30 depending on season

Web site:
Web site maintainer: Derek Andow (

Miscellany: Shared web site with other folk groups - notably Turnberrie Castle

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