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Winterbourn Down Border Morris, Bristol, South Gloucestershire (UK)

Year founded: 1978
Gender: mixed
Dance type(s): border morris
Kit/Livery: Ladies wear white shirt/blouse or T-shirt (depending on weather) underneath a black waistcoat covererd in a mixture of red and grean tatters. The skirt is 3/4 length green with red hankies attached at the front. Red stockings, black shoes and bells around the ankles complete the outfit.
The men wear a long tatter jacket of their own choice over personal choice of trousers and shirt. The outfit is completed with bells worn around the legs.

Primary contact: Jo Lougheed (Tel.: +44 117 931 6293; Email:
Secondary contact: Linda Harley (Tel.: +44 117 9622111; Email: <>)
Practice Day & time: Monday at 2030-2200

Web site:
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