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David Loftus

Last modified: 1999/08/31 22:00

Preferred email

Other email


1943 NW Hoyt
Portland, Oregon 97209


503-796-0351 (h)
503-635-0260 (w)


Bridgetown Morris Men, Portland, Oregon (co-founder, 1992-present)
The Black Jokers, Boston, Massachusetts (1980-1987)


Cotswold: Bledington, Ducklington, Adderbury
(with the Jokers, did Fieldtown/Leafield, Sherbourne, Longborough,
Badby, Eynshem, Headington, Ilmington, and Brackley – more or less
in descending order of facility and preference)
Border: Dilwyn, Brimfield, Evesham, Bromsborough Heath,
Upton-on-Severn stick dance, Three Jolly Sheepskins
Longsword: Kirkby Malzeard (with NON-bending swords), Papa Stour;
also did North Skelton with the Jokers
Jigs: Bledington Ladies of Pleasure, Bampton Bacca Pipes, Sherbourne
I'll Go and Enlist for a Sailor; during one glorious ale in the
mid-80s, I attempted Fieldtown Nutting Girl with John Dexter of the
Bouwerie Boys, though I didn't know it

Morris instruments


Beasts and fools

I was the Jokers' hobby horse in 1980 (shortly after he was
photographed for Smithsonian magazine but before he appeared in the
May 1981 issue) but haven't done anything since

Beer preference

Local microbrews: McMenamins' Nebraska Bitter, Crystal, Ruby, IPA
and (when in season) Green Chili; Portland Brewing's MacTarnahan's
and Honey Beer; just about anything brewed by Widmer and Full Sail;
Red Hook in Seattle
Bottled: Alaskan Amber (I've been to their brewery in Juneau!),
Sierra Nevada, St. Pauli Girl, Corona, Dos Equis….

Anything else that needs to be said

I do a killer Swedish Hambo (was a performing Scandinavian folk
dancer – laendlers, schottisches, waltzes, etc. – for six years in
my teens), but don't often get the opportunity these days. Saw a guy
play mandolin at Bridgetown's Ephemer'Ale this year, so maybe I'll
try doing that for morris. Managed to get not only tons of advance
stories for the ale, but face time on the six o'clock news during it.

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