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Ian Carter

Last modified: 1999/06/08 22:00

Preferred email


39 Park Grove Road
London E11 4PT
United Kingdom.


0181-539 0359 (h)
0171-942 4250 (w)


The Famous Angel Morris Men of Islington, London, England
(Retired dancer, ex-Bagman, Announcer, drummer, musician)


Dancing: Cotswold: Our own style, Angel, based on Fieldtown.
(Retired from dancing)

Announcing: I attempt to follow the Ray Worman / Malcolm Woods
tradition (on a very good day…!)


Morris instruments

Mouth-organ/harmonica, big drum, tambourine.

Beer preference

HATE Creamflow, nitrokeg and CO2 keg bitters, and most English lagers.
ENJOY Real Ales. Member of CAMRA since 1976.
Like Ridleys, Timothy Taylors, Donningtons and lots of others.
Enjoy American microbrews, Real lagers eg Belgian/German/French etc,
Cider, Wine, Gin, Keo Brandy, Jack Daniels, Vintage Port,
Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry. etc.!

Anything else that needs to be said

Member (harmonica) of The Angel Band, based in North London, will
available to play for traditional social dances (ceilidhs).

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