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Jeff Bigler

Last modified: 2008/04/19 23:41

Preferred email


8 Little Nahant Rd.
Nahant, MA 01908-1120


+1 (781) 592-5802 (home)
+1 (781) 883-2678 (cell)


Red Herring Morris (Belmont, MA, USA)
MOTley Morris (Cambridge, MA, USA) [defunct]
Middlesex Morris (Arlington, MA, USA) [defunct]
Twilight Bells Morris Team [defunct] (Providence, RI, USA)

Web page URL


Cotswold: Duns Tew, Sherborne, Fieldtown, Bledington, Adderbury, Ilmington, Brackley, Headington, Bampton

Border: Red Stags' Border, Not-For-Joes (Connecticut, USA) Border, Shropshire Bedlams' Border

Morris instruments

fiddle, pipe & tabor

Beasts and fools

None–I'm usually dancing, playing, and/or emcee-ing.

Beer preference

1) Homebrew.
2) Sweet stout
3) A proper English bitter (plenty of bittering hops, but not an American amount of aroma hops.)
3) Dark ale or porter
4) Belgian ale

Anything else that needs to be said

I'm one of the most opinionated people you'll ever meet on the topic of morris music.

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