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Joe Shelby

Last modified: 1997/12/30 22:00

Preferred email

Other email


7401 Englewood Pl. #3
Annandale, VA


(703) 658-0167


Foggy Bottom Morris Men (Washington, DC)

Web page URL


Cotswold: Bampton (w/jigs), Badby (with new dances in Badby tradition),
Bucknell, Bleddington, + Upton on Severn Stick (and quick learner
for other traditions)
Border: Beldam Welsh Border
Longsword: Papa Stour

Beer preference

Foggy Bottom Ale (no relation)
Pete's Wicked Winter, Madi Gras, Bohemian Pilsner
Good IPA's (Tuppers Hop Pocket, Wild Goose, and more…)
Sam Adams Scotch Ale
Harp Lager, Guiness Stout
Henry Weinhards Private Reserve (when i'm in the mood for something
cheap yet still good)

Anything else that needs to be said

Other Dance styles: Scottish Country, Scottish Highland/Step,
English Country, Cape Breton step.

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