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Julie James

Last modified: 2001/05/16 22:00

Preferred email


830 Roswell Ave #2

Long Beach, CA 90804


Pennyroyal Morris, Los Angeles, CA foreman

Wild Wood Morris, Los Angeles, CA foreman etc.

Sixpence Morris (RIP) San Luis Obispo, CA


Cotswold: Sherborne, Bucknell, Headington, Bledington, and just a
whole lot of other stuff picked up over the years

Border: Original dances, a few picked up from other sources (thanks

Morris instruments

Trying desperately to learn concertina

My husband (David, muso for Pennyroyal and Wild Wood) is my best
morris instrument. He plays fiddle, and occasionally mandolin
through a small amp so's we can hear it

Beasts and fools

Why yes we are. You got a problem with that?

Beer preference

Gin and Tonic-hey, I belong to Pennyroyal-gin & tonic isn't just a
good idea, it's the LAW.

But beer's wonderful, too. And cider, wine, almost anything but
Goldschlager (shudder..) or Southern Comfort (bleh)

Anything else that needs to be said

I'm not giving up on that damned concertina.

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