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Miriam Arachne Volpin

Last modified: 1997/12/30 22:00

Preferred email


216 N.E. 19th Ave.


503-736-0175 (h)
503-228-0666 (w)


Multnomah Figurehead Morris,Portland,OR (Fore and Muso)
Bells of the North, Minneapolis, MN (ex)
Ritual Drama Team, Minneapolis, MN(ex)


Cotswold: Fieldtown, Ducklington, Sherbourne, Adderbury,Illmington,
Longsword/Mumming – Ritual Drama Team's variation

Morris instruments

2-row melodian

Beer preference

Currently a tossup between Black Butte Porter(Deschutes Brewery) and
The Lucky Labrador Brew Pub's Cask Conditioned Bitter
But I really like cider (west country if I can get it: domestic
Woodchuck or 7 Sisters) or
Glenmorange's port cask conditioned single malt

Anything else that needs to be said

I'm getting old and creaky enough that I'm wondering when the joints
will just give out and I'll have to hang up my bells.
Portland has a hall with a recently renovated “floating” dance floor
– one of the few left in the country. I say we crash the joint and
dance there!

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