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Nick Robertshaw

Last modified: 2005/01/03 22:00

Preferred email

Other email


9314 Pear Lane
Frederick, MD 21702


301 694 8820


Foggy Bottom Morris Men (Foreman)
Musician at LargeBucknell
Formerly of:
Brackely Morris Men
Midlothian Morris
Hammersmith Morris
Herga Morris
Tubby's All England Morris


Cotswold: Adderbury, Bucknell, Bampton, Bledington, Ascot, Stanton
Harcourt, Hinton, Badby, Longborough, Fieldtown, plus odds and sods
Border: Common and unique interpretations of Evesham, Leominster,
Bromsberrow Heath, Brimfield; plus original dances
Play for Longsword, cash, and carnal pleasure.

Morris instruments

Jeffries Duet Concertina

Beer preference

Wistful sighs for Adnams, Brakspeares, and Hook Norton.
Foggy Bottom Ale (for chauvinistic reasons)
Tupper's Hop Pocket and Wild Goose IPA
Burned chocolatey stout with ABV < 6%

Anything else that needs to be said

My son now dances better than I do. But not better than I could at
his age.

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