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Paul Ellarby

Last modified: 2001/03/19 21:00

Preferred email


205 Cheyenne Drive
Berthoud, CO 80513


(303) 275 6944 (w)
(970) 532 4465 (h)


Maroon Bells Morris, Boulder, CO, USA (current)
Coventry Morris, UK (1977-80)
Chalice Morris, Weston-super-Mare, UK (1979-81)
Anker Morris, Nuneaton, UK (1978-80)
Various US sides - Syracuse NY, Rochester NY (Blizzrd Morris?),
Greenwich CT, Grand Rapids MI - as teacher/guest


Cotswold: Adderbury, Ascott-under-Wychwood, Bledington, Bucknell,
Ducklington, Sherborne, Litchfield, Wheatley, and various
“newly discovered” traditions (discovered at Ales and Feasts!)

Border: Brimfield, and several others I cannot remember!
Rapper/Longsword: Yes, but I don't enjoy it!

Morris instruments


Beasts and fools

Fool at various times, with various teams

Beer preference

Boddingtons (in an English pub, not the &#$%@% they are exporting
in cans to the US)
Oasis ESB (Boulder, CO)
Any that is convenient

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