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Ric Goldman

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Preferred email


Fools' Paradise
2626 Waverley Street
Palo Alto, CA 94306-2436


H: +1 650-DAM-FOOL (326-3665)
W: +1 650-330-0337


Deer Creek Morris Men (San Francisco, California) (former sword fore)
Emperor Norton's Fire Brigade and Hose Company #2 (Berkeley, California)
FFL (Palo Alto, California) (fore)
Merrie Pryanksters & Red Rose Morris (Northern & Southern California)
Rising Phoenix Morris (Los Angles, California) (associate/wannabe)
Wild Wood Morris (Long Beach, California) (associate/wannabe)

My not so shameful past:

Blue Rose Morris (Santa Cruz, California) (co-conspirator)
Faultline Morris (Hayward, California) (Border fore)
Fools' Choice Morris (Palo Alto, California)
Melting Pot Morris (Seattle, Washington)

Guilt by Association:

Bristol Morris Men (Bristol) (where was that pub?)
Entanglement Sword (Palo Alto, California)
Mad Molly (Palo Alto, California)
Mayfield Morris & Sword (Palo Alto, California) (not the cabana boy!)
Seabright Morris & Sword (Santa Cruz, California)
White Rats Experimental Morris (Berkeley, California)

Web page URLs


  • Cotswold: Adderbury, Bampton, Bledington, Brackley, Bucknell, Ducklington, Fieldtown, Oddington, Moulton, Sherbourne
  • Border: Deer Creek - a tradition unto itself, FFL - Hedfordshire, Worchester, Shropsire, Pershore dances, sometimes “improved” by an overexposure to Las Vegas glitz and other cheap theatrix
  • Longsword: Bampton Weavers, Boosbeck, Chipping Under Oakwood, Helmsley, Inn River, Kirby-Mazur (sic), North Skelton, Sleights (plus some Austrian and Belgian sword)
  • Other: Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, Revels “Lord of the Dance” (cotswold mix), Buffins (Arbeau), the Romanian dance Calus

Morris instruments

Tin whistle, drum, tambourine, beer cans, percussive horns and noise makers

Beasts and fools

  1. My attorney has advised me that I should neither confirm or deny the rumors surrounding this.
  2. Designated scapegoat hobby for FFL - if anything goes wrong or makes a mistake, it's officially Ric's fault.

Beer preference

  • What! No white wine? :-) (Actually, I am a confirmed Coca-Coca addict, and proud of it!)
  • Arrogant Bastard, Guinness, He-brew, Henry's, Murpheys, Newcastle, Pranqster, various Ambers and Pale Ales…depends on who else is buying.

Anything else that needs to be said

I do English Country Dance, Contra, International Folk Dance, and especially enjoy a good Hambo or Waltz (just gimme an excuse), as dancer, caller, and teacher. I also write English Country and Contra dances and tunes, and am always on the lookout for a new mummers play.

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