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Mortimers Morris, Nottingham (UK)

Year founded: 1994
Gender: women
Organization(s): Morris Federation
Dance type(s): Northwest clog morris
Tradition(s) / style(s): North West style of dance including traditional arrangements and our own choreography. The large band play both English and French tunes to accompany the dancers and instruments include guitar, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, bazouki, melodeon, concertina, concertina, accordian and whistles.
Kit/Livery: Dancers - original ribboned applique waistcoats, black skirts and tops with matching ribbons.
Band - Blacksuits, black tie, white shirts and shades

Primary contact: Judith Irwin (Tel.: +44 (0)133 2834092)
Practice Day & time: Sunday at 19.30 to 22.00

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