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Weavers Morris, North Walsham, Norfolk (UK)

Year founded: 1995
Gender: mixed
Organization(s): Open Morris
Dance type(s): Cotswold morris, Our own "Weavers"
Tradition(s) / style(s): Adderbury, Headington, Badby
Kit/Livery: White shirt, Black breeches, Black shoes, Blue socks Gold, Blue and Red baldricks with Lions head and Weavers shuttle Badge.

Primary contact: Neville Lee (Squire) (Tel.: +44 (0)1692 402581 days)
Secondary contact: Jerry O'Mahony (Tel.: +44 (0)1263 721455; Email:
Practice Day & time: Monday at 7:30 pm

Web site:
Web site maintainer: Jerry O'Mahony (

Miscellany: We are based at North Walsham High School and have a junior side "Spinners Morris"

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